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A horse sculpture, for a perfect equestrian decoration

Would you like to add an equestrian touch to your decoration? You've come to the right place: in this collection of horse statues, you'll find plenty of sculptures of this magnificent herbivorous mammal with a single hoof. Adopt the Equus caballus in your daily life and increase the charm of your decoration and your home.
Buy a horse sculpture for a majestic equestrian decoration

Buy a horse sculpture for a majestic equestrian decoration

The sculpture of a horse or rider is an object that brings a particular elegance to the whole decoration. Our sculptors have put a special emphasis on the reliefs to bring an antique realism to our statues. At Dream Horse, you benefit from free delivery worldwide. Take advantage of this exceptional offer and get the horse statues that fascinate you the most.

A majestic and elegant mammal, the horse is an animal of prestige and royalty that will certainly enhance your interior decoration. Whether it's a beautiful black horse head to place delicately on the main piece of furniture in your living room or an incredible trio of prancing horses in high quality resin to place in your bedroom, equestrian statues and statuettes will give you joy and inspiration by their beauty and excellence.

horse sculpture Dream Horse

Decorate your home with a statuette of a small horse by a sculptor with the soul of a galloping knight

All our equine statues are made with love to enhance every room in your home. If you want to embellish your TV stand with stallion figurines, then a hybrid horse and giraffe statue is exactly what you need. For your main room, simply place a small statue of a horse and jockey in the centre of your dining table and let its presence fascinate you during your family meals.

Sculpted from quality resin, the decorative horse and girl statue is the perfect gift for anyone who loves horses and riding. Owning a horse figurine is a real act of triumph! The most popular art objects in flats, houses or villas are the famous statues of these wise animals, the horses.

Also popular in the workplace, such as the office, the wooden horse statue allows you to admire a beautiful horse but also to store your notes and small utensils so that you never lose them again.

Which horse statue to choose and for which type of decoration?

If you want to bring elegance, refinement and life to your interior, we recommend you to go for horse statues with riders. The neutral colors of these equestrian statues will blend in perfectly with your basic decor, while bringing a successful antique style.

If you are looking for an ethnic chic style, we recommend horse statues made of wood or natural materials and sober colors to create a soothing and reassuring atmosphere in your home.

Are you more interested in a decorative style that inspires nobility and aristocracy? Then a horse bust will do the trick. Place it on the round table in front of your sofa or simply in your room and enjoy all the elegance that a stallion bust emits.

For a more oriental style, let yourself be tempted by an equestrian statue adorned with all sorts of ornaments and bring an explosion of color to your home.

A bronze sculpture of a horse with an elegant relief: a favorite decorative object for male and female riders

Our collection of horse statues and sculptures inspire power and pure grace. A beautiful terracotta horse sculpture is a decorative object that can quickly elevate the style of your home. Another decorative item is the famous black and white horse that everyone enjoys buying for the garden. Quickly brightening up the view of your guests, the winged horse statues, which remind us of unicorns, are our best sellers.

Dream Horse offers promotions on selected horse decorations. If you don't have a gift idea yet and birthdays are approaching, then you are where you need to be; browse our large catalogue of miniature horses and choose the figurine that will meet all your expectations.

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