Collection: Horse belt

The belt is the key accessory to complete an outfit. Discover all our belts to sublimate your riding outfits thanks to Dream Horse prints.

The riding pants which go down it is finished! The belt is the essential accessory for a good support and a neat riding outfit. Decorated with rhinestones, bits or stitching, it's up to you to find the one that will make you dream!

Our Horse Belts

Our Horse Belts are easy to use, very resistant, but above all, they have a more than aggressive style! They are designed for the true horse fan and riding enthusiast. Choose your model and don't hesitate to get rid of what you used to wear as a belt and replace it with this incredible equipment.

These horse belts come to bring an absolutely gorgeous style to the one who puts it around the waist and that's exactly why we love them. It's about time you choose the one that suits you best from our range. Most of them are made of leather so that elegance is the key to your hardened biker look.

Horse belt for men

Our belts are primarily made to appeal to the male gender. The symbol of the horse is synonymous with power and hope. These are the values that make you the person you are. So if you find yourself in this message, one of them is made for you, so don't give it up!

Horse belt for women

Ladies, we haven't forgotten about you! The horse of battle of these gentlemen is not exclusively reserved for them. All our models are therefore perfectly suited to the most passionate women our planet has to offer. Choose yours carefully, it will serve you for years.

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