Collection: Horse decor

Welcome to our horse decoration collection. Here, you will discover a large choice of products. Enough to make you a complete horse decoration. You will find a theme decoration on horses. Ideal to animate a birthday.

Our products range from the statue to the wall decoration. Whether you have a room to decorate on the equestrian theme or a girl's room. Decorative objects of all types, as well to embellish a bedroom as wall decoration. In short, something to delight a fan of horses and riding.

Horse painting

One of our flagship products are the paintings on horses. A real decorative wall art object that will sublimate your wall and more simply, your living room. Horses have often been represented in paintings and many paintings have been made in their effigy. We offer paintings that will appeal to fans of art and decoration on horses. The horse painting is sold without the wooden frame.

Horse Stickers

The horse stickers are the perfect way to decorate a girl's room or to stick on her car or van. The stickers allow to have a horse decoration for cheap. It is a very popular product for birthdays or to decorate children's rooms. The sticker is made with an adhesive paper, which gives it its self-adhesive character. Stick it on a wall without any problem, this wall decoration is safe because it leaves no traces. See the Horse stickers.

Horse duvet Cover

We also sell linens and bedding accessories. A little girl's room would be sad without her Cheval comforter cover. This one is provided with pillowcases to insert a pillow. An authentic horse decoration starts with a horse themed comforter cover. Decorating the bedroom is no small task. If your daughter loves these animals, give her a white or pink horse bedding set. Horse-themed decor that your child will love

Horse wall mural

To decorate your child's bedroom wall with an equestrian theme, horse wallpaper is the best choice. Easy to stick, it adds a touch of passion to the room.

Horse statue

The Horse Statue is an essential piece of art for your decor. Place it on a table or desk to remind you of your favorite equine. A horse decoration goes through the equestrian statues. You will find statues in wood, bronze or resin. Wood and resin being the most used materials, they are for their quality or their premium attribute.

You will have understood, you are at the right place to start a decoration on the theme of horses.

Horse decoration at low prices!

All the items we offer on our horse store (horse jewelryhorse clotheshorse toyshorse accessories) are affordable. We are especially careful to offer you the most affordable prices on the market to allow everyone to discover the wonderful world of horses. Enjoy shopping, and for more information, please contact us!