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What is equestrian vaulting

What is equestrian vaulting?

Equestrian vaulting, often simply called vaulting, is a unique sport that combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. In vaulting, vaulters perform choreographed routines that demo...

how to become an equestrian rider

How to become an equestrian?

Equestrian riding, sometimes known as horseback riding, is a fulfilling hobby and sport that allows you to connect with horses while improving your riding abilities. If you’re interested in learnin...

How much does equestrian cost

How much does equestrian cost? The Complete Guide to Equestrian Expenses

Equestrian sports have an illusion of being prohibitively expensive hobbies reserved only for the wealthy. But how much does equestrian really cost? The answer is highly variable - while top level ...

What is Equestrian Camping

What is Equestrian Camping? A Complete Guide for Horse Lovers

Equestrian camping, also known as “primitive camping,” allows horse enthusiasts to ride scenic trails during the day and camp overnight with their equine companions. This unique outdoor experience ...

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