Equestrian Jewelry

Equestrian Jewelry

Embrace Elegance: Equestrian Jewelry Collection for Equine Enthusiasts

Step into a world of refined style with our exquisite Equestrian Jewelry collection. Each piece is more than an accessory; it's a symbol of your passion for the equestrian world, finely crafted to capture the grace and spirit of horses.

Explore the diverse range in our main collections of Horse Jewelry, where you'll discover an array of equestrian-inspired pieces. Elevate your equine-inspired jewelry collection by delving into complementary sets like Horse Ring, Horse Earring, Horse Bracelet, Horse Brooch, Horse Watch, Horse Necklace, and Horse Hair Jewelry. Let every piece be a nod to your deep connection with the extraordinary world of horses.


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Metal racehorse necklaces for women - Dream HorseMetal racehorse necklaces for women
Metal racehorse necklaces for women Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $21.00
Race horse necklace (fashion necklace) - Dream HorseRace horse necklace (fashion necklace) - Dream Horse
Race horse necklace Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$50.00 USD
Horse head ring (adjustable)Horse head ring - Dream Horse
Crystal horseshoe necklace - Dream HorseCrystal horseshoe necklace - Dream Horse
horse shoe necklace gold - Dream HorseGold colored horseshoe necklace - Dream Horse
Tiffany horse shoe necklace - Dream HorseTiffany horse shoe necklace - Dream Horse
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The horse watch rose gold - Dream HorseThe horse watch rose gold - Dream Horse
The horse watch rose gold Sale price$49.00 USD Regular price$65.00 USD
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Children’s horse watch - Dream HorseChildren’s horse watch - Dream Horse
Children's horse watch Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$35.00 USD
Horse necklace and earringsHorse necklace and earrings
Arabian horse necklaceArabian horse necklace
42037877604451Blue horse necklace
Crystal horse pendant42037878161507
Necklace with a horse on itNecklace with a horse on it
Silver horse head pendantSilver horse head pendant
Running horse pendantRunning horse pendant
Crystal horse necklaceCrystal horse necklace
Rose gold horse necklaceRose gold horse necklace
42037873868899Sterling horse pendant
Horse choker necklaceHorse choker necklace
42037875507299Dressage necklace
Dressage necklace Sale price$29.00 USD
42037875769443Silver horse head necklace
Sterling silver horse head necklaceSterling silver horse head necklace
Wild horse pendantWild horse pendant
Wild horse pendant Sale price$29.00 USD
42037874786403Horse medallion necklace
Wild horse necklace42037873934435
42037874884707Snaffle chain necklace
Men's horseshoe pendantMen's horseshoe pendant
Stallion necklace
Stallion necklace Sale price$29.00 USD
Dark horse necklace42037878030435
Children's silver horse necklaceChildren's silver horse necklace
Stallion necklaceStallion necklace
Stallion necklace Sale price$29.00 USD
Pendant horsePendant horse
Pendant horse Sale price$25.00 USD
42037872754787Sterling horse necklace
Large horse pendantLarge horse pendant
42037875146851Rocking horse pendant
42037878095971Large gold horse pendant
Gold horse charm necklaceGold horse charm necklace
Jumping horse necklaceJumping horse necklace
Horse friendship necklaces 2PCSHorse friendship necklaces 2PCS
Horse pendant42037875081315
Horse pendant Sale price$29.00 USD
Gold horse bit necklace
42000298999907Horse lover necklace
Horse pendant for menHorse pendant for men
Horse head heart necklace42000299130979
42000297263203Horse gold chain
Horse gold chain Sale price$29.00 USD
42000299163747Horse head pendant necklace
Horse heart pendantHorse heart pendant
Large horse pendantLarge horse pendant

Show Your Passion for Horses with Exquisite Equestrian Jewelry

For those who have a deep love of horses and riding, equestrian jewelry offers a beautiful way to showcase that passion. The Dream-Horse® collection features a wide array of equestrian-themed jewelry crafted with care and attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a gift for the horse lover in your life or want to treat yourself, this collection has many exquisite pieces to choose from.

Horseshoe Necklaces

One of the most iconic symbols of luck and protection, the horseshoe is a prevalent motif in our equestrian jewelry. We offer horseshoe necklaces in a variety of precious metals like sterling silver, 10k gold, and 14k gold. From minimalist pendants to elaborate necklaces with dangling charms, you can find a horseshoe necklace to match any style.

Our silver horseshoe pendant necklace features an elegant, understated design perfect for everyday wear. For a bolder look, check out the 10k gold horseshoe necklace adorned with diamond accents along the open ends of the shoe. This glamorous necklace makes a stunning gift for birthdays or holidays.

Equestrian Bracelets

Equestrian bracelets are another gorgeous option if you want jewelry that celebrates your love of horses. Like our horseshoe necklaces, these equestrian bracelets come in a range of styles and metals.

For a touch of luxury, consider our sterling silver curb chain bracelet with an equestrian helmet charm. The exquisite detailing on the helmet charm is sure to delight any jewelry lover. Or opt for our sterling silver ID bracelet engraved with a horse silhouette– both feminine and sporty.

Rings with Horse Motifs

No equestrian jewelry collection would be complete without horse rings in different band and setting styles. We offer horse rings accented with black diamonds, rubies, and other glittering gems. For horse lovers who want something more minimalist, check out our selection of slim sterling silver stacking rings etched with horse profiles.

Other horse motif rings celebrate the natural beauty of horses with lifelike horse head profiles. Our sterling silver horse head ring with emerald eye detail is one of our most striking designs. The horse motif rings in our collection capture equine majesty in jewelry form.

Jewelry Crafted with Care

At Dream-Horse®, our goal is to provide equestrian jewelry that stands out for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We carefully select metals like sterling silver and gold for durability and hypoallergenic properties. Our jewelry artisans expertly set gems and crystals by hand, ensuring secure settings. Each piece of equestrian jewelry is polished to a brilliant luster for a regal look.

For horse lovers, our equestrian jewelry enables you to keep your passion close. The horse motifs celebrate the grace, strength, and spirit horses bring to your life. Our collection offers fine jewelry, as well as affordable fashion jewelry options. Whether you are an avid rider or just admire horses, you are sure to find pieces that resonate.

Perfect for Any Horse Enthusiast

Dream-Horse's® wide selection ensures you can find the perfect equestrian jewelry to suit any horse lover's personal taste. Here are just a few ideas:

  • For jumping enthusiasts, horseshoe earrings accented with ruby crystals add a pop of excitement
  • For those who love dressage, a horse head pendant exudes refined elegance
  • For Western riders, a gold buckle ring engraved with horse silhouettes nods to ranch life
  • For young riders, delicate sterling silver horse charm bracelets make ideal gifts
  • For equine veterinarians, a stethoscope bracelet with horseshoe accents celebrates their profession

Equestrian jewelry also makes a thoughtful gift for any horse occasion. Surprise your loved one with a horse pendant on their birthday or a horseshoe bracelet wishing luck at a competition. With its personal meaning, equestrian jewelry is sure to delight.

Quality You Can Count On

When you choose equestrian jewelry from the Dream-Horse® collection, you can trust you are getting exceptional quality. We stand behind our jewelry with:

  • Durable metals and secure gem settings
  • Premium craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Hypoallergenic metals like sterling silver and 14k gold
  • Excellent value for money
  • Timeless designs that stand the test of time

Our commitment to quality ensures our equestrian jewelry will become treasured keepsakes. We welcome custom orders and can craft horse jewelry to your exact specifications. With personalized service, stunning design, and lasting value, Dream-Horse® is your destination for horse jewelry.

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of equestrian jewelry do you offer?

Our collection includes rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and more featuring horse motifs like horse heads, horseshoes, saddles, and bits. We use sterling silver, gold vermeil, and leather for quality craftsmanship.

Is your equestrian jewelry just for women?

No, we have equestrian jewelry designed for men, women, and children so the whole family can find the perfect piece.

Do you have any equestrian jewelry under $50?

Yes, we have selected affordable equestrian jewelry including horseshoe necklaces and bracelets, horse head rings, and leather bracelets starting under $50.

What makes your equestrian jewelry unique?

Our pieces are handcrafted using quality metals and leather with careful attention to detail to capture the spirit of horses in an elegant, contemporary style. Each item is exclusive to our Dream-Horse brand.

Do you sell custom equestrian jewelry?

We do not currently offer custom equestrian jewelry designs. Our collection focuses on our distinctive pre-designed pieces to ensure excellent craftsmanship and value.

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