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Horse curtains


    horse curtains Dream Horse

    The essential element for a distinctive home is a horse curtain.

    Finding the perfect curtain is a fantastic opportunity to decorate the house with elegance. Every home should have curtains as a means of decoration.

    We have a wide selection of curtains at Dream Horse that fit any bathroom style! You can choose from solid cotton horse curtains or bright vinyl curtains to create the perfect look for your home.

    Horse Curtain Materials.

    Polyester curtains require less maintenance and don't shrink as much as other options. Vinyl is generally strong and naturally water resistant.

    100% cotton curtains can also last a long time, but to avoid mildew, they should be used with a liner. In addition, they are available in regular and long lengths.

    Curtain length

    The length of the curtains can vary from one curtain to another. In order to get accurate lengths for the right curtain, you need to get out the tape measure. To measure your curtain accurately, start by measuring where the curtain rod that will support it is at least a few inches below the top of the tub.

    Although the usual length of a curtain is 180 cm, you can also buy extra-long curtains that range from 210 to 240 cm in length. Do you have a large space in your home? No problem. Special sizes that are wider than usual can reach 450 cm wide.

    Exceptional care and preservation

    While some materials, such as linen, can be machine washed, it is not recommended to try with other materials, such as vinyl. Different materials have different textures and patterns that give them the best look in terms of aesthetics.

    For a rustic look, for example, you can buy a polyester curtain with ruffles that extend downward. To give your shower curtain a warm, industrial feel, you can also use a solid colored linen piece.

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