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    Discover our selection of horse bracelets for horse lovers. All kinds of jewelry selected by our specialists. A wide range and all materials.

    Nothing better to dress up your wrist than a horse bracelet. An equestrian jewel is the favorite accessory of horse and riding enthusiasts. Put on your arm a fashion accessory on the theme of the horse to affirm your passion. It is also a great gift idea for the holidays or birthday.

    Quality of the horse bracelet

    Several materials are used for our horse bracelets. From solid silver, pearls, stainless steel mesh or a simple leather cord, we have several product lines and several different qualities. We do not currently offer horse hair bracelets, but we do have leather or gold-plated models.

    Types of horse bracelet

    We offer several types of bracelets on the theme of the horse. A woman's horse bracelet must above all be elegant, which is why our selection is oriented towards this criterion. Bracelets rush, bracelets fancy, some are leather, others have chains. You can find a bracelet or a cuff bracelet if it is your favorite type of bracelet or with a more classic clasp.

    Equestrian themes in the spotlight

    Of course, it is the equestrian theme that is honored and not the unicorn. There is a whole universe around horses, so you will not be lost. From the horseshoe bracelet to the horse bit bracelet, the famous horse accessories are present and the world of horse riding is represented.

    Horse bracelet: A gift that pleases

    Giving a horse bracelet to a girl, woman or child is a gift that touches. Indeed, there is nothing more personal than giving horse jewelry to someone who is passionate about horses and riding. You can however opt for a necklace or earrings but a horse bracelet can be worn daily and in all circumstances.

    Our horse bracelets

    Don't wait any longer, if you are looking for the perfect gift idea to please a girl who loves horse riding, the horse bracelet is the choice to make without hesitation! Our bracelets can be given to a child as well as a woman because some of the jewelry is sober and elegant. From horse charms to silver bracelets, there is something for everyone. It's up to you to choose the gift that will touch the heart of the person you are offering it to and make him/her happy.

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