Immerse Yourself in Equine Grandeur: Horse Wall Murals

Transform your living spaces into a breathtaking equestrian haven with our captivating Horse Wall Murals collection. These stunning murals are not merely decorations but windows to the soul of the horse, offering a portal into the world of these majestic creatures right in your own home.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, our horse wall murals come in a variety of designs, each a visual symphony celebrating the grace and beauty of horses. Let your walls tell a story of elegance, strength, and the timeless connection between humans and these noble animals.

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Collection: Horse Wall Mural

Horse wall mural dream horse

Welcome to the Dream-Horse® collection of Horse Wall Murals

If you have a love of horses that you want to bring into your home décor, you’ve come to the right place. Our equine wall murals are designed to showcase the incredible beauty and grace of horses in a variety of natural settings.

Transport Yourself to Wide Open Spaces

Imagine waking up every morning to a stunning horse wall mural that makes you feel like you’re on a ranch, surrounded by open fields and roaming horses. Our murals are hand-painted by talented artists to realistically capture the majesty of these incredible creatures. We offer horse wall art of horses galloping across rolling hills, grazing in flower-filled meadows, splashing through streams, and more. With a Dream-Horse mural, you can bring a spirit of freedom and tranquility into any room.

Custom Sizing for a Perfect Fit

Dream-Horse murals come in a range of sizes, from smaller prints to cover a single accent wall, to larger panoramic murals that can stretch across an entire room. We can also customize the sizing to fit your unique wall dimensions. That way, your horse wall mural will look like it was made just for your space.

Vibrant & Realistic Hand-Painted Artistry

What makes our equine murals so special is the artistry and attention to detail of our talented painters. Using a traditional hand-painting technique perfected over many years, they bring each horse to life with realistic detailing in the fur, manes, muscles, and facial expressions. The lush natural scenery is painted to look vibrant, colorful, and seamless. We use a high-quality printing process on durable materials to recreate the hand-painted original mural with exceptional color accuracy.

Simple Self-Adhesive Application

Installing your wall mural is quick and easy thanks to our self-adhesive backing. The mural arrives in a few separate panels that you simply align on the wall and smooth out. No messy glue or wallpaper steamers needed! The adhesive backing ensures your horse mural will stay securely mounted for many years of enjoyment.

Affordable & Decor-Friendly

Dream-Horse has made equine wall art affordable so horse lovers on any budget can bring home these stunning murals. They make a design statement without the high price tag of original art. The vinyl material also makes our horse murals very decor-friendly. They can be easily removed later without damaging the wall beneath.

Benefits of Dream-Horse Horse Wall Murals

  • Breathtaking hand-painted artistry
  • Realistic detailing captures the beauty of horses
  • Custom sizing for a perfect fit
  • Self-adhesive for quick and easy installation
  • Durable vinyl materials made to last
  • Affordable pricing; budget-friendly horse décor
  • Easily removable without damaging walls

Bring natural tranquility and amazing horse art into your home with a hand-painted mural from Dream-Horse!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the murals shipped?

Our Horse Wall Murals come in sturdy cardboard tubes or boxes depending on the size. We ship via UPS or FedEx with tracking information.

Do I need any special tools to install it?

The self-adhesive backing allows for easy peel-and-stick application. No glue, steamer or other tools needed!

What kind of walls will it stick to?

Our adhesive backing is designed to adhere smoothly to most clean, flat and dry wall surfaces. Not recommended for textured walls.

Can I remove it or reposition it later?

Yes, the vinyl material can be gently removed from the wall without damage. But take care during installation for accurate placement.

How do I clean the mural?

You can clean it gently with a soft microfiber cloth, warm water, and mild soap if needed. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

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