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Horse backpack


    Horse backpack - Dream Horse

    Discovering the horse backpack

    Is your child particularly fond of horses? Whether or not he or she practices horseback riding, is he or she attracted by stories about horses, ponies, unicorns and others? Our store, specialist in school bags and other equipment, offers horse backpacks, bags and other school supplies with horse motifs. Take a look at our models.

    The perfect horse backpack to start the school year!

    The Dream Horse Backpack is a school bag designed for school children, especially for those who are horse lovers. The design of this bag is totally captivating. With the representation of a horse painted large on its front, the backpack has a theme that makes you think of the world of victory, success and celebrated success. In addition, its different colors that make it perfectly attractive.

    For the storage of supplies, Dream horse has equipped the school backpack with two main compartments large enough and an additional pocket. Its dimensions are medium, which makes it a light bag by default and therefore easy to carry on the back.

    You can also carry the Dream horse backpack more easily by using its super ergonomic handle which, moreover, is particularly discreet.

    In terms of finishes, you will more than love this backpack. Everything is done to give it a remarkable aestheticism. The seams are quite strong and sturdy while the handle of the bag itself is quite sturdy and won't break under the weight.

    From horse to unicorn

    Children are naturally attracted to animals, especially the horse. It is endearing and particularly docile. That's why many children ride horses, and even those who don't, have an affectionate nature towards horses. You should see how they are dazzled by their manes. Carried by cartoons and other animated films, horses have become heroes, but also confidants, if only to speak of Jolly Jumper (Lucky Luke's famous horse) or the stallion in the film Spirit. These cartoons and films have created a special affection for these four-legged and herbivorous animals, which have become heroes of everyday life.

    The pony

    If the horse dazzles children, the pony is also interesting. The pony or dwarf horse is also affectionate because of its size and its thick mane. It is also very popular with children. It is used for children's riding, horseback riding and leisure. With the cartoon My Little Pony, every little girl dreams of having a pony in her life. If they don't have a real one, they turn to pony products, such as toys, school materials and effects, and clothing.

    The unicorn

    The unicorn is an imaginary animal. It is a special horse, as it has a horn and wings. A fabulous animal, the unicorn dazzles both children and adults. It evokes a world of magnificence, multicolored and magical. The fashion industry has revealed it as a real phenomenon. Unicorns can be found everywhere: on clothes, shoes, school bags, various games, but also cakes, beauty products and everything related to the feminine universe. Its rainbow colors, both dazzling and cheerful, only increase the magnificence of this imaginary animal. Everything that represents this animal is cute, making the unicorn a way of life in its own right.

    Why should you buy a Dream Horse backpack for your school children?

    Your child's mood at the start of the school year is very crucial to her overall school performance. She needs a bag that tells her story and is truly her own. So what better way to start the school year than with the Dream Horse backpack? It's one of the few models in the line that's so successful in terms of design and so generous in terms of storage and carrying options.

    Moreover, even though its quality is impeccable, the stitching and finishing are excellent, its price is accessible to all budgets. And that's not to mention that, especially for the period, interesting price reductions are offered on the sale price of all school supplies. So don't miss the opportunity to instill back-to-school enthusiasm in your child's soul by offering him or her the magnificent horse backpack from Dream Horse.

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