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Horse statue


    horse statue

    A horse statue is your best decorative asset. Welcome to our collection of horse statues. Here you will find all types of statues on your favorite equine. This collection will delight the horseman in you and will please horse lovers and simply decoration and art.

    Need a horse statue for your garden or simply for your living room or office? You are at the right place.

    Horse statue : Decorative horse statues

    Looking for an original decorative object on the equestrian theme? A horse statue will do the trick to decorate your home. Made of resin or wood, this horse statuette looks realistic placed on your shelf, it represents a whole universe for horse lovers. These decorative horse statues allow you to get even closer to your favorite animal by installing this object of interior decoration at home.

    How to choose my horse statue ?

    Our horse statues are made of several different materials. Resin, copper, plastic, ceramic or wood. Different materials for different desires, different needs. Even if most of them are made of resin and come originally from a sculpture, you can opt for a more natural choice with a wooden statue. Here are some examples of bronze horse statue or resin horse statue. Choose your statue according to the material you want and the model you like.

    Horse statue : A fantastic art and decoration object

    What better option for a decorative object than a horse statue? Horse lovers will never tire of having a piece of art in their home. An equestrian decoration should start with a sculpture, a statuette that will communicate your passion for horses. This type of horse statue fits perfectly on a desk for example placed on a pedestal. It adds style and character to the decoration of the room. What could be more inspiring than a wooden sculpture or a bronze statue of this fascinating animal that is the horse?

    What type of statues will I find here?

    You will find all types of horse statues. For art lovers, this statue of a prancing horse will be a wise choice. A sculpture that will make you think of antiquity will certainly be The bust of a horse or a horse's head statuette. In general, there is something for every taste and price and above all something to redo your decoration from A to Z or simply to add an equestrian touch to your decor.

    A horse statue to honor the equestrian theme

    Several themes are addressed in this collection. The equestrian theme is obviously at the heart of our store. All the statues are about horses, those animals you love so much. However, there are several different themes, among them cowboys, feng shui and many others. A painted resin sculpture will look older and more authentic than a bronze statuette. Nevertheless, both pieces remain art and a decorative object. These animals have been close to people for a very long time, which is why they have their place in art and why the horse statue is so popular.

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