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horse candle

Horse candle

Light your home with the warmth and light of horse candles for an equestrian atmosphere. In addition some are scented, find the pleasure of a pleasant smell that gently scents the room ? There are many ways to improve its decoration but the candle remains the best equestrian accessory! By all its forms: small, large, round, square, in a glass container or carved in wax, the horse candle is a must in your interior horse decoration! No matter the time of year, the horse candle always has its place in a house or an apartment: decorative object during the day, it will rekindle the flame of your heart during your evenings full of romance, as well as the environment during the rainy evenings and the cold in winter ... How not to fall under the charm of a warm and cozy interior!

Light horse candles for your equestrian decor

Choose a welcoming interior with our range of horse candles
Warm, fragrant and also relaxing, you can only relax with some of our candles lit in your bedroom or living room. They will deliver a soft scented environment: perfect after a hard day at the office or to soothe yourself! We suggest that you let yourself be carried away by the horse candles and light up your little corners of your apartment or house as well as in your bedroom. Choose colored candles for a refined and design atmosphere. In the living room, go modern with candles sculpted in the shape of your favorite animal.

Browse our candles with sweet scents and create an equestrian atmosphere,
As a gift or simply for yourself, the horse scented candle is bound to be adored, thanks to its elegance or for its fragrance. In your room, in a living room and even in the corridor, you will embellish your horse decoration with this incredible atypical accessory to perfect your interior.

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