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What is warm blood horse

What is warm blood horse?

Warm-blooded horses are a fascinating and often misunderstood breed of equine. Unlike their cold-blooded counterparts, these majestic creatures possess the ability to regulate their own body temper...


When to Euthanize a Horse with Cushing's?

Owning a horse is a true joy, but it also comes with difficult decisions - none more so than when a beloved equine companion is suffering from a debilitating condition like Cushing's disease. As a...

Can Horses Eat Pumpkins

Can Horses Eat Pumpkins?

As the leaves turn golden and a chill fills the autumn air, pumpkins become a ubiquitous sight - from doorsteps to pies, the versatile gourd is a hallmark of the season. But did you know that these...

how often do horses need new shoes

How often do Horses Need new Shoes?

As a dedicated equine owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your horse's overall health and well-being. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring your horse's hooves are properly cared f...


How Much Water Does a Horse Drink in a Day?

Horses are majestic creatures that capture our hearts and imaginations, but have you ever wondered just how much water these magnificent animals require on a daily basis? I'm here to dive deep into...

How Much does it Cost to Feed a Horse

How Much does it Cost to Feed a Horse?

Owning a horse can be a truly rewarding experience, but it's no secret that it comes with a significant financial commitment. One of the largest ongoing expenses for horse owners is the cost of fee...

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