Collection: Horse toys

Welcome to the horse toy collection. Our catalog contains a wide range of horse toys. Want to please your children? Offering a horse toy is the best option for a little rider!

Horse toy: the gift idea for the holidays

During the holidays, a horse toy is a great gift idea. From classic wooden games to plush toys for kids, you can choose the horse toy that will please your child.

Our horse toys

Here no unicorn, all the games offered are on the horse. A horse toy can take many forms as long as they concern these animals that we love so much. Thus, offer a toy to your child on the horse if he is passionate about horses or riding.

Horse figurine

You will find figurines on horses of all sizes. In order to reproduce a landscape to add realism or simply to play with, the horse figurine will please both fans of model making and children wishing to play with their favorite animal in figurine.

Plush Horse

The horse plush is one of the best gifts for Christmas or for a child's birthday. This little equestrian plush made of cotton will become your children's companion and will decorate the room with an equestrian style. We have all kinds of stuffed animals, white, black, brown horse and all sizes.

Horse puzzle

For fans of puzzles, the horse puzzle is a must! In 200, 300 or even 1000 pieces for the most daring, you will have enough to fill your evenings while completing these puzzles to arrive at the end with a beautiful picture of a horse. Some puzzles are made of wood.

Here is our selection of horse toys. Give your child the best horse toys. Here you will find a selection of Horse Plush, Horse Puzzles as well as small horse figurines.

Horse toys at low prices!

All the items we offer on our horse store (horse jewelryhorse decoration, horse clotheshorse accessories) are affordable. We are especially careful to offer you the most affordable prices on the market to allow everyone to discover the wonderful world of horses. Enjoy shopping, and for more information, please contact us!