Graceful Miniatures: Horse Figurine Collection for Equestrian Enthusiasts

Step into a world of delicate equine artistry with our enchanting Horse Figurine collection. Crafted with precision and passion, each figurine is a testament to the grace and beauty of horses. These miniatures are more than collectibles; they're expressions of your love for the equestrian world.

Explore the main collections of delightful Horse Toys, where our figurines take center stage. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and lifelike poses that capture the spirit of horses. Expand your collection with complementary treasures like the playful Bouncy Horse, cuddly Plush Horse, timeless Rocking Horse, and engaging Horse Puzzle. Let your passion for horses shine in every intricately designed figurine.

Collection: Horse Figurine

Welcome to our Dream-Horse® collection of exquisite horse figurines

As longtime lovers of these magnificent creatures, we're delighted to offer you our handcrafted sculptures showcasing their inherent beauty, strength, and grace.

With each horse figurine, our artisans aim to capture the spirit of these noble animals in fine detail. We use only the highest quality materials like resin and cold-cast porcelain to ensure their long-lasting beauty as display pieces and collectibles.

Whether your passion lies with breeds like Arabians, Thoroughbreds, or Mustangs, you're sure to find treasured horse sculptures to add to your stable.

Horse Decor That Complements Any Decor

Our lifelike horse figurines are designed to enhance any space. Display majestic stallions rearing up in your rustic den or place gorgeous mares and their foals grazing in your living room. With hand-painted details like lustrous coats and finely sculpted manes and tails, our pieces bring these animals to life right in your home.

  • Arabians with arched necks and dished faces
  • Thoroughbreds in full gallop or posed at rest
  • Stocky quarter horses ready for a day's work

The uses for our horse statues are endless. Highly realistic and detailed, they make stunning decorations for shelves, tabletops, and bookcases. More compact miniatures look elegant on desks or bedside tables. Or place pairs and groups throughout your rooms for an eye-catching equine display.

Built to Last as Cherished Heirlooms

Expertly crafted and painted by artisans, our horse sculptures are made to become family treasures. Cold cast porcelain resists chipping and discoloration, retaining its vibrant hues for generations. Each hand-finished piece has its own subtle variations just like real horses.

  • Highest quality cold cast porcelain or durable resin
  • Hand-painted and hand-finished detailing
  • Subtle variations add realism and character

With proper care, our horse figurines will delight equine lovers in your family for decades to come. They also make meaningful gifts for horse enthusiasts or as memorial pieces.

Collect All Your Favorite Breeds and Poses

Dream-Horse® offers equine sculptures to satisfy every horse lover. Choose from these remarkable breeds and poses:

  • Arabians - Proud arched necks, dished faces, and tails held high
  • Thoroughbreds - Lean and athletic in action poses or standing alert
  • Quarter Horses - Compact, muscular horses ready for ranch work
  • Wild Horses - Feral mustangs and powerful stallions rearing
  • Draft Horses - Massive Clydesdales, Shires, and Belgian breeds
  • Foals - Adorable babes nuzzling their mares or frolicking

With quality craftsmanship and price points to suit any budget, you can build a stable of horse figurines you’ll enjoy for years. They also make wonderful gifts for fellow equestrians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the figurines made of?

Our horse sculptures are handcrafted from either durable polyresin blends or porcelain-like cold cast porcelain. Both offer detailed finishing and vivid hand-painted colors.

What size options are available?

We offer horse figurines in a range of sizes from mini 2-3 inch models to large sculptures up to 18 inches tall. Many are available in multiple sizes.

Do you have other animal figurines?

Yes, we also carry collectible figurines of other animals like dogs, cats, deer, and cows crafted to the same high standards as our horse statues.

How are these horse statues priced?

Our pricing starts at affordable rates for small models and goes up for our large, museum-quality horse sculptures which can cost several hundred dollars.

Can you do custom horse figurines?

We do offer custom options to recreate a beloved horse. Contact us for details on commissioning one-of-a-kind horse sculptures.