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Horse figurines


    This extensive collection of horse figures will add a unique and designer touch to your home decor. It depicts different breeds of horses in stunningly realistic sculptural interpretations. Surround yourself with horse statues in resin, ceramic and many other high quality materials.

    Horse figurine collection: embellish your home's interior architecture
    Here we present you a beautiful collection of horse figures: English, Dalmatian, greyhound, multi-coloured bulldog or a balloon horse figure. Our horse sculptures are made of several different high quality materials such as resin, stone, ceramic or coloured varnish. So you have a wide choice for a warm and friendly decoration.

    The horse is one of man's favorite animals. Decorating your home with a horse figurine or sculpture can bring you a real sense of happiness and warmth. Whether it's an English horse bust, a leather horse or a small carved horse, all are welcome for a successful home decoration.

    Horse figurine for a modern conceptual and contemporary decoration

    Do you want a beautiful and colorful horse statue of high quality for an original and modern interior? Then our horse statues are for you. Let yourself be tempted by magnificent multicolored sculptures in resin, Polynesian or aluminium. With their glossy finish, they will add a special touch to your living room.

    Horse statues around the world: Artwork for horses

    Throughout the world, the horse has been greatly honored in various great metropolises which have represented it in the form of bronze or stone statues. The dog's friendly nature towards humans is probably a factor in this.

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