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Feel like your living room is missing something for a warm home? It's time to add some personal touches to your home. Dream Horse offers a wide selection of unique and stylish horse rugs that will give your dining room a unique feel. Our dining room rugs come in many different sizes and colors.
Indeed, when creating a personal decoration, our first reflex is to make it reflect who we are as people. And be careful, it is not only about having beautiful things, but also about feeling good at home! That's why Dream Horse strives to offer a wide collection of rugs to dress up either parents' or children's rooms. Don't hesitate any longer, take a look at our store to find the rare pearl that will enhance your living room decoration and find the best arrangement of your living room with a rug.

How to choose your horse rug?

In order to create a warm interior that meets our expectations, the decoration of the living room is certainly the most important step that involves making the right decisions. The style of carpet selected will be different from your bedroom. Choice of furniture style, addition of decorative objects, choice of colors. So many parameters that will participate in the creation of a unique living space, to the height of your personality. However, there is one element that we never think enough about in the decoration of our living rooms: the large living room carpet. Indeed, it is a central component that defines the aesthetics of your style, offering the living room an extra touch. But then, how to choose the right style of living room carpet so that it enhances the decorative value of the living room?

You might be tempted by graphic rugs, berber rugs, shaggy rugs, wool rugs or even your neighbor's large living room rug. But be careful not to be blinded by these trends that may disappear as quickly as they appeared. On the contrary, you should consider your carpet as a real investment that will harmonize your decor with your coffee table and other furniture. Since it will remain in your home for years, it is better to choose it with care!

Choosing a cheap living room rug requires first of all asking yourself the right questions according to your furniture and your decorating goals. First of all, do you want to harmonize the rug with the style of the coffee table and the living room? Or on the contrary, do you prefer a modern or short-haired rug that will bring a touch of contrast to your interior? Indeed, both options are possible, especially with the wide range of colors and sizes of cheap living room rugs available on our site. Here, the important thing is to know how to adapt the colors of the carpet with the overall tone of the room, or with the colors of the furniture.

At Dream Horse, we recommend that you choose your modern living room horse rug based on your table and room decor. Indeed, there are different ways to harmonize or personalize the style of the living room depending on the location of your rug. If the carpet is placed under the sofa, the ideal is to choose a color close to that of the sofa. More generally, it is best to choose a color that is close to the surrounding furniture.

A cheap wool rug purchase is made to last. Since the living room is the main room of an apartment, the carpet placed in this room will be more tested than other rooms. It is therefore necessary to use resistant or natural materials such as cotton or wool...
On the other hand, we do not recommend a jute rug for your main room. The material is not at all suitable or pleasant for your feet.

The most trendy horse rugs in 2022

In recent years, modern living room rug design is constantly changing, offering a new trend less rectangular and more geometric. And as in 2021, the trend continues again this year, prioritizing the color and material of the rug. Moreover, our online store Dream Horse offers a range of carpets in all colors and all materials. Indeed, the collection of rugs available on our store is particularly bright and vibrant, bringing light and cheerfulness in your home.

In addition to the emphasis on color, this year 2022 also highlights the contemporary style, sometimes with an abstract connotation of nature. So we find soft contours that show abstract landscapes and elements of nature. In terms of color, we find beige, brown and bright shades that fit well with any type of coffee table. Of course, designers are trying to combine the contemporary style with traditional aspects: so you can now choose a berber living room carpet in more neutral tones with an abstract style.

What are the different types of living room rugs?

Modern living room rugs are decried for many reasons: they are outdated accessories, they would be difficult to clean and maintain. But beyond these so-called flaws, living room rugs have many qualities. And with a little creativity, they can completely transform your home's decor. And when choosing a large modern carpet or a carpet at a low price, the first reflex is to consider the material of this accessory. Do you prefer a rug made of natural fibers, wool, silk, cotton or viscose?
As far as the style of the rug is concerned, there are the classic rugs that are timeless and accompany your table or wall painting throughout its existence. Among the most classic are the oriental rug, the Persian rug and the vintage rug.
Finally, for the most daring, fancy rugs exploit colors and patterns to create an original and unique atmosphere. Dream Horse offers a wide selection of rugs in this spirit to bring a touch of style to your home.

Which size of carpet for my living room?

At Dream horse, we sell rugs that conform to the standard dimensions of the market:

  • small rugs, up to 80 x 150 cm;
  • the medium size rugs, up to 170 x 240 cm;
  • and the large living room carpet, which can exceed 200 x 290 cm.

However, when choosing a modern living room rug, there is no need to comply with the sizing rules. What's more, in the living room you can use your creativity to your advantage. The ideal is only to remember that the size of the Berber or modern living room carpet must occupy a maximum of a quarter of the surface of the living room. The right thing to do is to measure the size of the room before choosing the rug.

Maintenance of a living room carpet

There are several ways to maintain a living room carpet. You should clean and vacuum your carpet several times a week to keep it looking its best. The material of the carpet is also important. Whether it is a carpet with synthetic or natural fibres. Discover our advice about the maintenance of a living room carpet.

Dream Horse has a large stock of rugs in different sizes, prices and colors for a modern interior design.

Whether you decide to buy a black carpet, a white carpet, a brown carpet or a cream carpet, take advantage of our stock of rugs delivered free of charge anywhere in the world.

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