Collection: Rocking horse

Children learn to move around on their own, allowing them to get from place to place in a way that is more complex yet easier than walking.

They can manipulate the wheels and convert them into a stroller or exploit the unique sounds of the toy or even tinker with some of the toy's inherent components and features. This greatly helps them enjoy the freedom they need and helps cement the belief that they are separate and very distinct entities from their parents.

The rocking horse helps children set the stage for the kind of independent thinking they will need to succeed in school and in the workforce.

Rocking horse for kids

Dream Horse's rocking animals are heartwarming and should not be missing from any home. For the little ones, it means hours of playtime on their new stuffed friend; for mom and dad, it means the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing their child have fun while developing their sense of balance and mobility.

Quality, safety, softness

It is very important for Dream Horse to guarantee the highest quality. The design of each toy, the materials and cuts chosen, the manufacturing and even the packaging are carefully controlled to ensure that they always comply with European safety regulations. So you can be reassured when your baby is immersed in the wonderful world of Dream Horse.

The inspiring world of Dream Horse

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dream Horse: adorable cuddly toys for a soft night's sleep, and reassuring companions for the next adventure. These are interactive and creative toys as well as cozy and practical accessories, which support and accompany your little ones in all phases of their development.

Pleasant conditions

The extra-soft cotton and polyester material is particularly suitable for baby's sensitive skin. To ensure that your baby can play with the toys for a long time, we recommend a simple hand wash.

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