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horse duvet cover

A Horse Duvet Cover is a great way to live out your passion for horses. Slip under your blanket and fall asleep with a decoration that suits you.  Add a little spice to your bedroom decor with our horse duvet cover. Create a unique bedroom with a new horse bedding set. Ideal to show off to your visitors!

Need to dress up your bed with original bedding and with a design that is close to your heart? You've come to the right place. Whether you are a child or an adult, if you love horses you will be served. Our specialty is the Horse Duvet Cover. This animal is honored in our special bedding collection.

Whether you have a single bed or a king size, we have a set in every size. The fabric of the set is mostly cotton. When the horse comforter covers have a pattern, it is printed in color. The printing is of professional quality. This is a great way to liven up the bedroom of a horse riding enthusiast.

horse duvet cover single - Dream Horse

Our horse duvet covers

We help bring an equestrian feel to your child's bedroom by offering a printed horse comforter cover to dress up the bed of a horse riding enthusiast. Here, the animal represented on the linen is not the unicorn but the horse! So saddle up, because the life of a rider is not a relaxing one, that's why he or she needs a nice horse bedding set as well as a comfortable pillowcase with an equine print.

Most of our duvet cover come with either one pillowcase if sized for a single bed and two pillowcases if sized for a double bed.

Our complete collection of horse comforter covers will leave you speechless. Whether it's a 2 person or a 1 person duvet cover, you'll find what you're looking for at Dream Horse! We suggest you choose a colorful pattern for more style👊

horse duvet cover - dream Horse

Dimensions of our horse duvet cover

Because each room and each bed is different, you need a bedding set for each person

Horse duvet cover for one person:

Generally, a child's bedroom is made up of a single bed. In this case, opt for a comforter cover horse 1 person. The dimensions that will suit this size of mattress are: 140x200cm for a 90cm wide mattress. 200x200cm or 240x220cm for a 140cm wide mattress.

Horse duvet cover horse 2 person:

If you have a double bed in your room, choose in this case a comforter cover horse 2 persons. The preferred dimensions are: 200x200cm or 240x220cm for a 140 to 160cm wide mattress. A 260x240cm bed set for a 180cm wide mattress.

horse duvet set - Dream Horse

What material for my duvet cover on horses?

The comforter covers offered in our store have a fabric that is pleasant to the touch, soft and breathable. However for everyone's needs, we have to offer quality bedding at all prices. The fabric used is microfiber, polyester or cotton. Sometimes a mixture of cotton and polyester for example. In addition to these materials, some comforter covers are made of linen and cotton for optimal comfort.

horse quilt cover - Dream Horse

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