Collection: Horse night light

horse night light Dream Horse

Welcome to our Horse night light Collection. Here you will find LED lamps with a horse theme. Liven up your bedside table with the animal of your passion. Fall asleep peacefully with a horse-themed nightlight. Here, no unicorn but horses everywhere. Your horse lamp is waiting for you, you have the choice between a wooden lamp, a PVC lamp and the choice of colors.

The night light and its powerful LEDs

Most of our horse lamps work with LED light. This means that the bulb consumes very little energy and lasts longer. If the lamp works with an LED, this will be mentioned on the product page. Thanks to its LEDs, the horse lamp can be used as a bedside lamp and as a night light with its colors that make a pleasant light to decorate your children's room at night.

Horse lamp: a perfect gift

For Christmas, a birthday or simply to embellish the decoration of a room, the horse lamp is the ideal gift for a young rider and for all riders. The passion for horse riding in this small decorative object. So don't wait any longer, if you want to please your child with an original gift, offering a horse lamp remains among the best gift ideas.

A horse lamp as a night light

Having a small light that serves as a nightlight at night can be reassuring for children. This is even more true with a horse lamp. Having a horse motif nearby on the bedside table or desk gives a greater sense of security. These coloured lights illuminate your child's room and create an illusion of safety at night.

The horse lamp is often USB operated and can be switched on and off or sometimes change the color when the lamp contains several colors with a remote control if you have the option.

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