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Horse lamp


    horse lamp

    Discover the horse lamp!

    To please a horse or animal lover, to decorate a child's room or to create a unique atmosphere in a living room, 3D lamps will always make their effect! Interchangeable, they allow you to adopt the desired style according to your desires, but it is also possible to opt for a totally personalized lamp with Dream Horse!

    An innovative lighting system

    Dream Horse proposes you to discover the 3D lamps, an innovative, aesthetic and very original lighting system to offer to a loved one or to integrate in its decoration. The chosen pattern is to be positioned on the base in a very simple way and you can then choose between 7 different colors for your lighting (white, yellow, purple, red, cyan, green or blue) according to your desires and the atmosphere you want to give to the room. The contours of your design will then light up to give a surprising 3D effect to your lamp. You will be able to light up your evenings and the nights of the little ones with 3D lamps that will take the shape and color you want according to your preferences.

    Many different models

    Each of them is full of ideas to help you find the model that suits you or the person you would like to give a lamp to. Horse fans will find many different breeds of horses with a pony for example.

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