Horse leggings

Horse leggings


    Horse leggings

    Riding leggings, a comfortable riding pant

    Riding leggings are becoming more and more popular among women riders. In the beginning, leggings were only seen as something for the young, bold and slim riders. Today this is no longer the case, as more and more women are trying out this new form of riding panty.

    At Dream Horse, we are of course aware of the advantages of leggings and their countless variations. The legging fulfills all the important features of riding pants. With a full bottom with silicone grip, knee-highs or as thermal tights with inner lining for winter, they are in no way inferior to classic riding pants. In our product range you will find leggings in all shapes and colors, with fun accents and details. In addition, there is no lack of functionality, leggings are breathable, keep warm or provide an ideal cooling effect in summer, wick sweat away from the body and protect from cold wind.

    The advantages of riding leggings

    Riding leggings have a considerable advantage over conventional riding pants: they are like a second skin and extremely flexible. While normal pants sometimes pinch at the belly or get stuck in the knee and sometimes at the beginning or after washing, riding pants can be inflexible and uncomfortable. With the riding leggings you don't have these disadvantages thanks to the flexible and stretchy fabric that doesn't get caught in the boots and feels good on the upper body. Riding leggings are designed specifically for horseback riding with a fabric thick enough to not suffer from saddle rubbing unlike other leggings or tights for running or fitness. Riding leggings offer a whole new feel. It's a matter of taste that is definitely worth trying. Dream Horse has a great selection of riding leggings that you are sure to find something you like.

    Horse leggings

    What are the important features of a riding legging?

    Riding leggings have quickly established themselves on the market because they are extremely comfortable. The fabric of the riding leggings is very elastic. Thus, it fits like a second skin on the body. The elastic fabric of the riding leggings weighs little. In summer, the airy cut is very comfortable. It prevents heavy sweating in the riding leggings. Since the material used is also breathable, riding leggings for women are extremely comfortable to wear, especially in summer. Like riding breeches in general, riding leggings are available with a full bottom or pantyhose. In addition, thermal leggings are available for winter. All women's riding leggings are made of a breathable, quick-drying material. Meanwhile, there is a wide variety of models, especially for "women's riding leggings". There is hardly any wish that is not satisfied in terms of color and equipment of riding leggings.

    Which leggings are best for summer?

    Thanks to their lightness and airy fit, riding leggings are very comfortable to wear, especially in summer. They are light and breathable. These advantages are a little more pronounced in riding leggings with knee-high bands than in those with full bottoms. The extremely stretchy material of riding leggings also transports moisture, for example from your sweat, to the outside. Thanks to the stretchy and durable seams of the riding leggings, you will always look good in them. The elasticated bottoms ensure that the leggings always fit properly. Thanks to the extremely stretchy material, the riding leggings also fit the rider perfectly. Since you sweat more in the summer, the good washability of the riding leggings is an added bonus. They can be machine washed up to 40°C without any problems. However, riding tights should not be put in the dryer. Let them air dry.

    What is the difference between riding leggings and riding pants?

    Riding leggings are more comfortable than riding pants. You quickly put on the riding leggings and they fit like a second skin. Riding leggings have a similar comfort to jogging pants, but look much better. Especially for all the riders who spend several hours in riding clothes, the comfort of riding leggings is a decisive buying argument. On the other hand, riding pants are the classic option that is preferable for competitions. Show judges are usually extremely conservative. At least in dressage competitions, the appearance of the rider is also taken into account - perhaps even unconsciously - in the evaluation. You should stay on the safe side and choose riding pants.

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