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Horse phone cases

You can't keep your smartphone like new anymore? Does it often slip out of your hands or your pocket? So you've decided to find a solution with an iPhone or Samsung case. Search and adjust your style with the different horse shells we offer. Don't be afraid of everyday mishaps and proudly show off your love for riding and horses.

Armed with your shell you bring to your smartphone a modern and authentic personalization. Make full use of your precious Apple without having to leave it on the corner of the table for fear it will break in your daily activities. Enhance its look with a beautiful white horse galloping proudly by the sea.

Or, opt for a spirited horse rearing up under the setting sun. The horse shells give you security and reinforcement right to the edges. Enjoy thin, hard plastic protection that secures the grip in the palm of your hand. Fully printed and made in the USA, the horse shells offer your mobile a second skin to match your decorative desires. Let the equine spirit express itself.

Horse phone cases - dream horse

How to choose a horse phone case for IPhone or Samsung?

The most important thing is that you like your unicorn cover and that it matches your phone model exactly. If you hesitate between several shells, remember that you will be able to change them more often and have a better chance to benefit from the unicorns protection. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message, we will be happy to help you.

The horse phone case at Dream Horse

In our shop Dream Horse, the collection of our iPhone and Samsung cases is constantly renewed to offer you always new trends and always at the best value for money. We also have special offers and we offer you the delivery, so you can have fun or offer a cool gift.

What kind of protection do you offer?

We offer ultra-thin hard shells, thicker but unbreakable soft shells, and cases with a flap to protect the screen.

Why buy our horse shell

  • Provides durable protection with access to all ports and functions.
  • Gives your device a better grip
  • Custom made, it adds only 1 to 2mm of thickness
  • The choice of HD print

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