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Horse keychain

The horse keychain: a symbolic accessory

Far from being simple practical accessories with metal rings, our key rings are miniature extensions of our identity. Fashion accessories that can adorn the handles of a handbag, key rings are no longer the banal objects made of metal, steel, wood, imitation leather, or plastic of a few years ago.

Today it doesn't matter how expensive they are, how many rings they have, or how personalized they are: we all attach a personal symbolism to our key rings.

Whether it's a black leather keychain that reminds us of your taste for style, a heart keychain with a photo frame that links you to your soul mate, a house keychain that reminds us of your move in, a wooden keychain that signifies your interest in ecology, or simply a steel bottle opener keychain with rings and carabiner that illustrates your forward thinking side.

A photo keychain or a keychain engraved with a personalized message (laser engraving), is also a great gift idea for a birthday or any occasion. Whether you want to please a mom, a dad, or a child, a silver rectangle keychain with extensive personalization is an ideal gift at a low price.

Since you will usually only have one photo key chain attached to your key ring, you need to choose carefully! Choose from our unique keychains with free shipping, and combine utility with symbolism in a personalized accessory that fits you.

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