Horse costume

Horse Costume

Dress Up in Equine Elegance: Horse Costumes for Your Inner Rider

Step into the enchanting world of make-believe with our captivating Horse Costume collection. Whether for themed parties, events, or just playful moments at home, these costumes are designed to bring out the equestrian spirit in everyone.

Explore our main collections, specifically the diverse range in Horse Clothing, where you'll find an array of imaginative horse costumes that celebrate the grace and beauty of these majestic creatures. Extend your equine-inspired wardrobe by delving into complementary collections like Horse T-shirt, Horse Sock, Horse Legging, Horse Sweater, Horse Hat, Horse Dress, Horse Scarf, Horse Poncho, Horse Belt, Horse Sweatshirt, and Horse Hoodie. Let your playful side shine with these delightful horse-themed ensembles.


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Horse costumes for halloween - Dream Horse
Horse costumes for halloween Sale priceFrom $155.00 USD
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Horse suit costume - Dream HorseHorse suit costume - Dream Horse
Horse suit costume Sale price$38.06 USD Regular price$66.05 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Infant horse costume - Dream HorseInfant horse costume - Dream Horse
Infant horse costume Sale price$70.67 USD Regular price$98.66 USD
Horse blow up costume - Dream HorseHorse blow up costume - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Unicorn horse costume - Dream HorseUnicorn horse costume - Dream Horse
Unicorn horse costume Sale price$49.89 USD Regular price$77.88 USD
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Men’s horse costume - Dream Horse
Men's horse costume Sale price$48.86 USD Regular price$76.85 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $17.99
Pantomime horse costume - Dream Horse
Pantomime horse costume Sale price$84.93 USD Regular price$102.92 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $22.57
White horse costume - Dream Horse
White horse costume Sale price$58.00 USD Regular price$80.57 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Realistic horse costume - Dream Horse
Realistic horse costume Sale price$47.69 USD Regular price$75.68 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $22.20
White horse halloween costume - Dream Horse
White horse halloween costume Sale price$55.00 USD Regular price$77.20 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Long horse costume - Dream Horse
Long horse costume Sale price$49.21 USD Regular price$77.20 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Pantomime horse costume - Dream HorsePantomime horse costume - Dream Horse
Pantomime horse costume Sale price$35.49 USD Regular price$63.48 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $22.99
Toddler horse costume - Dream HorseToddler horse costume - Dream Horse
Toddler horse costume Sale price$52.37 USD Regular price$75.36 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Horse mascot costume - Dream HorseHorse mascot costume - Dream Horse
Horse mascot costume Sale price$38.17 USD Regular price$66.16 USD
Horse and rider costumes - Dream HorseHorse and rider costumes - Dream Horse
Horse costumes for sale (mask) - Dream HorseHorse costumes for sale (mask) - Dream Horse
Cute horse costumes - Dream HorseCute horse costumes - Dream Horse
Funny horse costumes - Dream HorseFunny horse costumes - Dream Horse
Cowboy horse costume - Dream HorseCowboy horse costume - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Horse rider halloween costume - Dream HorseHorse rider halloween costume - Dream Horse
Horse rider halloween costume Sale price$53.67 USD Regular price$81.66 USD
Cowboy riding horse costume - Dream Horse
Horse hat costume - Dream Horse
Horse hat costume Sale price$31.09 USD
Furry horse costume (Mask) - Dream Horse
Homemade horse costume - Dream Horse
Horse costumes for humans - Dream Horse
Equestrian halloween costume - Dream HorseEquestrian halloween costume - Dream Horse
Equestrian costume - Dream HorseEquestrian costume - Dream Horse
Equestrian costume Sale price$88.00 USD
Adult horse costume - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Horse knight costume - Dream Horse
Horse knight costume Sale price$49.21 USD Regular price$77.20 USD
Black horse costume - Dream Horse
Horse costume girl - Dream HorseHorse costume girl - Dream Horse
Horse costume girl Sale price$31.10 USD
Boys’ horse costume - Dream HorseBoys’ horse costume - Dream Horse
Boys' horse costume Sale priceFrom $47.50 USD
Horse costume adult - Dream HorseHorse costume adult - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Inflatable horse costume - Dream HorseInflatable horse costume - Dream Horse
Inflatable horse costume Sale price$56.24 USD Regular price$84.23 USD
Horse costume baby - Dream HorseHorse costume baby - Dream Horse
Horse costume baby Sale price$37.99 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Horse riding costume (Mask) - Dream HorseHorse riding costume (Mask) - Dream Horse
Horse riding costume (Mask) Sale price$39.42 USD Regular price$67.41 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $27.99
Horse Mask Halloween - Dream HorseHorse Mask Halloween - Dream Horse
Horse Mask Halloween Sale price$37.13 USD Regular price$65.12 USD
Horse costume for adults - Dream HorseHorse costume for adults - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $21.01
Horse Mascot Costume - Dream HorseHorse Mascot Costume - Dream Horse
Horse Mascot Costume Sale price$399.00 USD Regular price$420.01 USD
Horse costume Australia - Dream HorseHorse costume Australia - Dream Horse
Horse costumes (Mask) - Dream HorseHorse costumes (Mask) - Dream Horse
Halloween horse costumes - Dream HorseHalloween horse costumes - Dream Horse
Halloween horse costumes Sale priceFrom $53.76 USD
Spring Promotion︱Save $40.99
Horse jockey costume (Girl) - Dream HorseHorse jockey costume (Girl) - Dream Horse
Horse jockey costume (Girl) Sale price$45.23 USD Regular price$86.22 USD
Blow up cowboy horse costume - Dream HorseBlow up cowboy horse costume - Dream Horse
Horse costume disguise - Dream HorseHorse costume disguise - Dream Horse
On sale
Inflatable Horse Costumes (Cowboy) - Dream HorseInflatable Horse Costumes (Cowboy) - Dream Horse
Inflatable Horse Costumes (Cowboy) Sale priceFrom $50.50 USD Regular price$78.49 USD
Costume horse (Riding) - Dream HorseCostume horse (Riding) - Dream Horse
Costume horse (Riding) Sale priceFrom $35.52 USD
Horse halloween costume - Dream HorseHorse halloween costume - Dream Horse
Horse halloween costume Sale priceFrom $44.54 USD
Horse costume cute - Dream HorseHorse costume cute - Dream Horse
Horse costume cute Sale priceFrom $30.23 USD
Cowboy with horse costume - Dream HorseCowboy with horse costume - Dream Horse

Horse costume - dream horse

Introducing Dream-Horse® Horse Costumes: Transform into a Majestic Steed for Halloween

Do you dream of galloping across green pastures, mane blowing in the wind? This Halloween, make that dream a reality by transforming into a beautiful horse with a costume from Dream-Horse®. Our high-quality horse costumes allow you to embodiment the spirit and majesty of these beloved animals.

With a Dream-Horse® horse Halloween costume, your Halloween will be unforgettable. Our costumes are designed to be comfortable, durable, and ultra-realistic. The quality craftsmanship ensures our costumes capture the true essence of horses, from their elegant heads to their strong, muscular hindquarters.

We offer horse costumes for children and adults, so the whole family can join in on the fun. Some key features of our horse costumes include:

  • Realistic 3D horse head masks with sculpted muzzles, ears, and hand-painted details
  • Sturdy quadruped frames with foam padding for comfort
  • Detailed horse body coverings with authentic brown, black, or white coats
  • Flowing tails made from synthetic hair for beautiful movement
  • Optional accessories like saddles, bridles, and horseshoes

With a Dream-Horse® horse costume, you’ll feel like you just galloped out of the pages of a storybook. Our costumes turn you into the most majestic mythical steed, like a winged Pegasus, a powerful Clydesdale, or a stunning Arabian.

Benefits of Dream-Horse® Costumes

Why choose a Dream-Horse® horse costume for Halloween? Here are some key benefits our costumes offer:

  • Quality construction from durable, high-grade materials - built to last Halloween after Halloween
  • Realistic details like sculpted 3D heads, lush synthetic tails, and authentic coat colors/patterns
  • Comfortable fit with padded frames and lightweight, breathable fabric coverings
  • Fun for all ages - we have horse costumes sized for everyone from toddlers to adults
  • Stand out from the crowd as a unique, eye-catching creature!
  • Bring imaginative play to life - embody a majestic horse like you always dreamed
  • Easy to put on and take off with simple step-in design and hook & loop fasteners
  • Fun accessories available like saddles, bridles, horseshoes to complete the look

With sizes from toddler to adult, Dream-Horse® costumes allow the whole family to join in on the equine fun. Just imagine galloping around as a herd of horses!

Tips for Wearing your Horse Costume

Here are our top tips for wearing your Dream-Horse® horse costume and having an unforgettable Halloween:

  • Decorating your costume can take it to the next level. Add braids, ribbons, flowers or paint designs on the horse head and body.
  • For the full effect, whinny, gallop, and toss your head! Mimic horse behaviors and really get into the role.
  • Pair your horse costume with coordinating accessories. A cowboy hat and bandana give it a Western vibe. Go English with riding boots and a crop.
  • Organize a photoshoot to capture memories of your magical night as a horse. Pose like a majestic steed!
  • For comfort, apply talcum powder inside the costume to wick away moisture and reduce heat buildup.
  • Stuff the tail with batting or crumpled paper so it stands out dramatically when swishing back and forth.
  • Care for your horse costume by gently spot cleaning with a damp cloth and brushing out the tail and mane. Proper storage will have it ready for next Halloween!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Dream-Horse® horse costumes? Here are answers to our most common questions:

How do I choose the right horse costume size?

Follow our detailed size chart to select the size that matches your measurements. Allow room for comfortable wearing but minimize extra bulk.

How long does shipping take?

We offer standard shipping within 5-7 business days in the continental US. Expedited shipping is available at checkout.

What age are horse costumes suited for?

We have costumes sized for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Review age recommendations on each product. Most styles are best for ages 5 and up.

What materials are the costumes made from?

Our horse costumes feature high-quality synthetic fabrics with realistic detail. Materials include polyester, nylon, foam, and synthetic hair fibers.

Can I wear glasses inside the horse head mask?

Yes, the masks have open eye holes to allow you to comfortably wear glasses underneath. Make your vision part of the magic!

Dream-Horse® offers imaginative horse Halloween costumes that bring mythical equine fun to life. With realistic details, quality construction and sizing for all ages, our costumes allow you to fulfill your dream of becoming a majestic horse this Halloween. Explore our collection today!

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