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    The riding helmets - safety in mind!

    Did you know that riding helmets have an expiration date of sorts? Most people probably know that a riding helmet should be replaced after a fall. However, few people know that even a high-quality helmet that has never been damaged by a fall should be replaced after eight years. After all, safety comes first, regardless of your age. At least it should, because no matter how long you've been riding or how well you know your horse, unexpected situations can always happen. Falls are simply a part of riding. It is not for nothing that riding helmets have become mandatory in high-level dressage. Helmets are even becoming more and more popular in western riding.

    Riding helmets - the little extra in safety and design

    Unfortunately, when helmets are not mandatory, many riders tend not to wear them. But today, a riding helmet doesn't have to be unsightly, uncomfortable to wear or even expensive. The latest innovations in comfort and functionality should convince even the most helmet-averse riders.

    Stylish riding helmets

    Overall, the weight and ventilation of the helmet play an important role. The general rule for our stylish riding helmets is: regardless of the price range of the helmet, they all comply with current safety standards. Some helmet models also have additional safety features. The price difference is often due to some extras, which mainly affect the comfort of wearing the helmet.

    Riding helmets for winter and summer

    Lightweight materials and good ventilation are especially appreciated in the summer, when outdoor temperatures rise. In winter, when it is quite common to wear a hat under the helmet, it is especially convenient if the helmet can be adjusted in size or has a removable lining.

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