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Grace Your Ears with Equine Beauty: Horse Earring Collection

Drape yourself in the elegance of our captivating Horse Earring collection, where each piece is a delicate ode to the noble spirit of horses. These earrings are more than adornments; they are finely crafted expressions of your passion, capturing the grace and beauty of these majestic creatures.

Explore the diverse range in our main collections of Horse Jewelry, where you'll discover an array of earrings adorned with captivating horse motifs. Elevate your equine-inspired jewelry collection by delving into complementary sets like Horse Ring, Horse Necklace, Horse Bracelet, Horse Brooch, Horse Watch, Equestrian Jewelry, and Horse Hair Jewelry. Let each earring be a whisper of your love for the extraordinary world of horses.


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Horse shaped earringsHorse shaped earrings
46187830313202Horse stud earrings gold
46187831230706Horse silver earrings
46187831787762Silver horse stud earrings
46187832344818Sterling silver horse stud earrings
Dangle horse earringsDangle horse earrings
Wild horse earringsWild horse earrings
Sterling horse earringsSterling horse earrings
Horse stud earringsHorse stud earrings
Stud horse earrings
Horse dangle earrings46187840864498
Equine earringsEquine earrings
Equine earrings Sale price$26.23 USD
Silver horse head earrings
Children's gold horse earringsChildren's gold horse earrings
Horse head stud earringsHorse head stud earrings
46187844042994Gold horse stud earrings
Horse sterling silver earringsHorse sterling silver earrings
Gold horse head earringsGold horse head earrings
Sterling silver horse head earrings46187846631666
Horse jewelry earrings46187847319794
Horse gold earrings46187848138994
Earring horse
Earring horse Sale price$35.00 USD
Sterling silver horse earrings46187850170610
Horse hoop earrings - Dream Horse
Horse earrings silver (women) - Dream Horse
Earrings horse (Handmade) - Dream Horse
Arabian earrings - Dream Horse
Arabian earrings Sale price$25.00 USD
Horse head earrings (women) - Dream Horse
Equestrian earrings - Dream Horse
14k gold horse earrings (Women) - Dream Horse14k gold horse earrings (Women) - Dream Horse
earrings for horse lovers - Dream HorseGold horse earrings (women) - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $20.00
Silver horse earrings for horse lovers - Dream HorseSilver horse earrings for horse lovers - Dream Horse
Silver horse earrings for horse lovers Sale price$25.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD
Horse earrings sterling silver - Dream HorseHorse earrings sterling silver - Dream Horse
Horse earrings (silver color) - Dream HorseHorse earrings (silver color) - Dream Horse
Horse earrings goldHorse earrings gold
Girl horse earrings - Dream HorseGirl horse earrings - Dream Horse
Gold horse earrings - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $26.00
Vintage horse earrings - Dream HorseVintage horse earrings - Dream Horse
Vintage horse earrings Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$55.00 USD
Earrings with horses - Dream Horse
Horse earrings NZ - Dream Horse
Horse earrings NZ Sale price$29.00 USD
Horse earring dangle - Dream HorseHorse earring dangle - Dream Horse
Spring Promotion︱Save $20.00
Horse themed earringsPandora horseshoe earring - Dream Horse
Horse themed earrings Sale price$25.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD
Horse Earrings For WomenHorse Earrings For Women
Children's silver horse earrings
925 sterling silver horse earrings - Dream Horse925 sterling silver horse earrings - Dream Horse

Experience the Beauty of Horses with Dream-Horse® Horse Earrings

Horse earrings are having a major moment right now. Whether you're an avid equestrian or just love the majestic beauty of horses, our handpicked collection of horse earrings has the perfect piece to suit your style. Let these earrings be your daily reminder to embrace your adventurous spirit!

At Dream-Horse®, we're passionate about creating quality, unique jewelry inspired by nature. Our horse earrings collection features both minimalist and statement styles to match any outfit.

For the Subtle Horse Lover

If you love understated, delicate jewelry, we have dainty horse earrings that add a subtle equestrian touch. Our small horse stud earrings in 14k gold, rose gold, and sterling silver are ideal for everyday wear. The minimalist horse charm earrings are lightweight and comfortable - you'll forget you're even wearing them!

Horse earrings like these are perfect for:

  • Everyday wear to the office or out running errands
  • A delicate accessory that won't overpower your outfit
  • Gift-giving for the horse lover who prefers understated style

Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Do you have a daring sense of style? Our statement horse earrings allow you to express your adventurous spirit. We have dramatic, eye-catching designs like these:

  • Long, linear horse earrings in 14k gold - show-stopping sparkle guaraneteed!
  • Chunky horse head earrings cast in bronze - an earthy, boho vibe
  • Dangling horse charm earrings that will get you noticed

With bold horse earrings, you can:

  • Make your outfit pop for a night out or special event
  • Show off your daring, fashion-forward style
  • Accessorize your favorite cowgirl-inspired looks

Horse Earrings to Suit Any Style

Whether you're an equestrian, a free spirit, or just love horses - we've got you covered. We handpick each horse earring so you can find the perfect piece for your personal style. More designs we think you'll love:

  • Horseshoe earrings for good luck
  • Engraved horse earrings with custom initials
  • Southwestern-inspired horse jewelry with turquoise accents
  • Minimalist horse outline earrings in ethical sterling silver

Horse earrings make thoughtful gifts too - for the horse lover in your life or to treat yourself! Dream-Horse® uses high-quality materials so your earrings will last for years to come.

Express Your Love of Horses in Style

It's clear to see, horse earrings are so much more than just a fashion accessory. They allow you to show off your passion for these magnificent, graceful creatures in a stylish, subtle or statement-making way.

Our collection offers styles to suit every personality - whether you're an equestrian, nature lover, free spirit, or just think horses are beautiful. Dream Horse's handcrafted horse earrings are designed to be timeless keepsakes that capture the essence of horses.

So embrace your inner adventurer and explore our line of horse earrings today! You're sure to find the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best horse earrings for sensitive ears?

For sensitive ears, we recommend our lightweight sterling silver or gold horse studs. The smooth, hypoallergenic metals prevent irritation.

What are statement horse earrings best for?

Our bold, dramatic horse earrings are perfect for making an entrance at a special event or adding artsy flair to an outfit.

Do your horse earrings depict actual horse breeds?

Some do feature specific breeds like Friesians, Arabians or Mustangs. We also have more abstract, artistic horse earring designs.

What metals and materials are used to craft Dream Horse horse earrings?

We use solid 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, bronze and ethical gemstones. High quality for lasting wear.

What's the best way to care for my new Dream Horse horse earrings?

Gently clean with a polishing cloth or warm soapy water. Store earrings in a fabric-lined box to prevent scratches. Don't expose to chemicals.

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