Collection: Horse earring

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Our selection of horse earrings is made for you if you are passionate about horses. Equestrian jewelry in your ears of all kinds and for all tastes. Silver, steel or gold plated, you will find horseshoes, horse head or costume jewelry.

Our catalog of earrings is for all fans of horses and riding, child, woman, an equestrian jewelry is a gift that always pleases.

Why choose a pair of horse earrings?

A pair of horse earrings is a piece of equestrian jewelry that is equally suitable for girls and women. Even though earrings are part of the jewelry that we start wearing a little later, the equestrian theme makes horse earrings a perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Our horse earrings

Our horse earrings all revolve around the world of horses and riding and not around unicorns. The shapes and types of earrings are varied. Studs, dangles, sleepers there is something for everyone! The same goes for the pendant, horseshoe, bit or stirrup. Do not hesitate to complete your order with another similar product such as a necklace or a bracelet on the horse.

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