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Horse Stickers

Express Your Passion with Style: Horse Stickers for Every Horse Lover

Unleash your creativity and showcase your love for horses with our delightful Horse Sticker collection. These vibrant decals are more than just decor; they're a powerful expression of your equestrian spirit that can adorn any surface.

Our horse stickers feature an array of designs, from lifelike horse portraits to whimsical illustrations, all celebrating the majestic beauty and grace of these noble animals. Decorate your personal space, your belongings, or even surprise a fellow horse lover with a unique gift.

For a comprehensive equestrian experience, we invite you to explore our main collection, Horse Decoration, and unveil an array of complementary pieces. Additionally, dive into related collections such as Horse Clock, Horse Lamp, Horse Candle, Horse Duvet Cover, Horse Shower Curtain, Horse Wall Mural, Horse Statue, Horse Curtain, Horse Rug, Horse Painting, Horse Sculpture, Horse Night Light, and Horse Wall Art to create a harmonious and immersive equine-inspired atmosphere throughout your living spaces.


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Equestrian car stickers - Dream HorseEquestrian car stickers - Dream Horse
Horse stickers for cars (15cm*11cm) - Dream HorseHorse stickers for cars (15cm*11cm) - Dream Horse

horse stickers Dream Horse

Express Your Passion for Horses with Horse Stickers from Dream-Horse®

Are you an equestrian enthusiast looking for ways to show off your love of horses? Look no further than Dream-Horse®'s wide selection of customizable horse stickers. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect stickers to match your personality and style.

Endless Customization Options

One of the best things about our horse stickers is the endless customization options. You can choose the size, color, orientation, and quantity of stickers to create a set that's uniquely you. Whether you want small stickers for your phone and laptop or larger ones for water bottles and car windows, the possibilities are endless.

Pick from trots, gallops, jumps, and more to find your favorite horse poses rendered in vivid vinyl. We offer photographic designs as well as more whimsical, hand-drawn options. The high-quality, durable vinyl ensures the horse stickers will last through daily use.

Stylish Stickers for All Your Belongings

Dream-Horse® horse stickers allow you to decorate and personalize almost anything. Here are some great ways to show off your equestrian flair:

  • Laptops and phones: Choose small stickers to make your devices distinctly yours. Coordinate colors with your phone case or laptop cover.
  • Water bottles and travel mugs: Larger stickers wrap nicely around drinkware for a bold equine statement.
  • Notebooks and scrapbooks: Use our stickers as embellishments for your journal pages and photos.
  • Bedroom décor: Let your love of horses shine by decorating mirrors, walls, and furniture with our vinyl stickers.
  • Cars and bikes: Give your ride an equine upgrade with eye-catching horse stickers on windows, bumpers, or frames.

With hundreds of designs, from traditional portraits to contemporary prints, our stickers complement any style and space.

Share Your Passion with Fellow Equestrians

For equestrian lovers, horses are a way of life. Our horse stickers allow you to express that passion and connect with fellow horse enthusiasts.

Gifting stickers is a great way to bond over your mutual love of horses. Surprise a barn friend with a set of matching stickers to put on your helmets or saddle pads.

Trade stickers at equestrian events to commemorate the day and make new connections. Striking up a conversation over mutual appreciation of a beautiful horse sticker is a fun icebreaker!

Decorate your horse's space with their portrait to give your stalls or pastures a personal touch. Your horse will love seeing their likeness all around their home.

The horse stickers in our collection showcase these majestic animals in all their glory. Any equestrian would be proud to display them.

Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our horse stickers:

How long do the stickers last?

Our vinyl horse stickers are designed for durability. With proper application and care, they can last for years on most surfaces.

How do I apply the stickers?

Clean the surface completely before application. Carefully peel away the backing and smooth the sticker into place. Use a credit card to smooth down edges.

How can I remove or reposition stickers?

Carefully peel up the edges of the sticker slowly. Any adhesive residue can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

What surfaces can I use the stickers on?

Our vinyl stickers are safe for most smooth, clean, dry surfaces like laptops, phones, cars, walls, bottles, etc.

Can I customize sticker sizes and shapes?

Absolutely! We offer a range of size and shape options to create the perfect stickers for your needs.

Express your passion for horses in a stylish, personalized way with Dream-Horse®'s extensive collection of customizable horse stickers. With countless options, you can find stickers that reflect your unique equestrian style. Show the world your love of horses!

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