Horse alarm clocks

Horse alarm clocks


    Wake up on the right foot with this collection of horse alarm clock. Their design will remind you of the strength of a horse and the sounds of waves. 

    Dream Horse, the online alarm clock specialist, has made its horse alarm clock in the shape of a cube for more originality but also to offer you the basic functions that an alarm clock should have such as displaying the time, temperature and date. All these features are found on the digital dial, on the other sides of the alarm clock, you will find the image of a beautiful black horse running to the sea.

    As we know that many children have trouble falling asleep because of the fear of the dark, we have added a nightlight mode. This way, your child will be able to choose among several colors the one that will accompany him to sleep.

    So, what are you waiting for to take advantage of the free shipping and 30% discount to offer your child a beautiful black horse alarm clock?

    For more ideas of decoration in the world of the horse, visit the complete collection of  horse clock