Horse alarm clocks

Horse Alarm Clocks

Rise and Shine with Equine Elegance: Horse Alarm Clocks Collection

Transform your wake-up routine into a delightful equestrian experience with our curated Horse Alarm Clocks collection. These timekeepers are more than devices; they're morning companions that bring the grace and spirit of horses into your daily life.

Immerse yourself in a world where functionality meets style, where the clip-clop of hooves replaces traditional alarms. Explore the enchanting designs and precision of our alarm clocks, each one crafted to add a touch of equine elegance to your bedside. Boldly express your love for horses with these functional pieces that seamlessly blend beauty and practicality, ensuring your mornings start with a dash of charm.


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Horse alarm clock with horse sounds - Dream HorseHorse alarm clock with horse sounds - Dream Horse
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Horse alarm clock - Dream HorseHorse alarm clock - Dream Horse
Horse alarm clock Sale price$34.90 USD
Horse alarm clock (Horse racing) - Dream HorseHorse alarm clock (Horse racing) - Dream Horse

Welcome to Our Horse Alarm Clock Collection

Are you an equestrian enthusiast looking to incorporate your love of horses into your morning routine? Our Dream-Horse® collection offers a wide selection of equine-themed alarm clocks that will have you rising and shining each day. With their charming horse designs, these functional alarm clocks make waking up a delight.

Our Most Popular Horse Alarm Clock Designs

We offer horse alarm clocks in a variety of styles to suit any décor. Our sculpted horse head clock features a beautifully detailed horse bust that awakens you with a neigh. For a more minimalist look, check out our abstract horse silhouette clock with clean lines and neutral hues. Kids will love our carousel horse clock depicting a brightly painted pony frozen mid-prance.

Unique Features that Make Waking Up Fun

While our horse alarm clocks look great, they also boast special features that make mornings easier. Our illuminated dial clocks project the time on the ceiling or wall for easy viewing at night. For heavy sleepers, we have extra loud alarm clocks up to 113 decibels. Some models have a snooze button to catch a few more zzz's. With nature sounds, USB ports, and dual alarms, our horse clocks have everything you need to start your day.

High-Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from sturdy ABS plastic or finely finished wood, our horsehead alarm clocks are built to withstand daily use. We meticulously hand-paint each horse design to showcase every detail. Only top-quality quartz movements are used to keep the clocks ticking accurately. With their durable construction, these horse clocks will be your reliable morning companions for years.

Stylish Accents for Any Decor

With sizes ranging from compact 4-inch mini clocks to large 10-inch statement pieces, our horse alarm clocks complement any room's aesthetics. The neutral colors like black, brown, and tan blend into both traditional and modern decors seamlessly. Place a horse clock bedside to wake up to each morning or use one to add visual interest to a shelf or desk.

Affordable Equine-Inspired Alarm Clocks

Finding stylish, equine-themed home goods can be pricey, but our collection offers budget-friendly options. With prices ranging from $** to $**, you can buy multiple horse alarm clocks for your home without breaking the bank. We also regularly run sales and deals so you can snag these must-have equestrian accessories at discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the horse alarm clock?

Setting these clocks is easy. Just turn the knobs on the back to set the time and alarm. Instruction manuals are also included.

Do the eyes/ears/legs move on the sculpted horse clocks?

For durability, the horse sculptures do not contain moving parts other than the clock hands. The designs creatively imply movement.

Do horse alarm clocks really neigh or make horse sounds?

Some models do! Check the product description for sound options.

How loud are these horse alarm clocks?

Our loud options can be up to 113 decibels but we also offer gentle chimes. Choose based on your needs.

What kind of batteries do they require?

Most accept common AA or AAA batteries. Lithium batteries tend to give the longest life.

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